Guard-i Sensor Popular Edition

Guard-i Sensor Popular Edition

For use in nursing facilities and hospitals

Device for detection and reportong the patient`s attempt to get up.


Sensors for detecting when the patients enter/exit the room.

  • connected to the facility`s nurse call system.
  • Detects several tyoes of patient movement: standing up, sitting up in bed,waliking, touching the bedrail.
  • Turns off automatically during assistance,turn on when caregiver leaves the room.



Easy to attach and to remove

Light beam transmitter/receive

Light beam transmitter/receive


1. Light beam transmitter can be inclined steplessly and rotated 180 degrees.

2. Green light indicates normal operation, orange light indicates the light beam.

3. Purpose: detection of standing up, sitting up in bed walking, touching the bedrail.

Control box

Control box


1. 2external connection terminals 2 pin metal connectors.

2. Power indicator-green light indicates the device in ON. The light goes off during the assistance.

3. Equipped with Care Time Dial(CTD) 

 (0~48 seconds, recommended time-32 seconds)




Product name SWD2 V10
Monthly rental fee 2,900JPY(before tax) ※1
Selling price Open ※2


※1. In case of rent, User will be required to pay the initial Registration fee and installation cost at amount of 3 months rental fees. However, the Users switching between the Companies shall be required to pay one month rental fee. Distributors(3,4,6 pin Carecom)are available for additional Fee ¥3,500/month.

※2. Selling price includes distributor and connecting cord (non optional).Shipping charges shall be borne by buyer.