Wireless Guard-i Sensor


Spot Wireless Sensor for detection and reporting of movement that can be instlled anywhere in the room.
For use in nursing facilities and hospitals throughout the country.


Sensors for detecting when the patients enter/exit the room.

spot wireless sensor
  • connected to the facility`s nurse call system
  • can be easily instlled/removed multiple time
  • equipped with the dial for setting the non detection time

※Device can not be used individually For use with a Guard-i Sensor only.




Product name SWD2 V15
Monthly rental fee 2,900JPY(before tax) ※1
Selling price Open ※2


※1 In case of rent,User will be required to pay the initial registration fee and installation cost at the mount of 3months rental fees.However,the User switching between the companies shall be required to pay one month rental fee.
Distributors are available for additional fee of ¥3,500/month.

※2 Selling price includes distributor and connecting cord.
Number of light-beam sensors can be increased for additional cost.