Digital Guard-i Sensor V100

Digital Guard-i Sensor V100

facilities and hospitals

Nurse call activates when the light beam is blocked.


Sensors for detecting when the patients enter/exit the room.

  • connected to the facility`s nurse call system.
  • Detects several tyoes of patient movement: standing up, sitting up in bed,waliking, touching the bedrail.
  • Turns off automatically during assistance,turn on when caregiver leaves the room.



Creates a safe  environment by adopting to patient`s motion.

  • Incorporated to the nurse call system
    Can be easily connected to the facility`s nurse call system
  • Detection of several types of patient movement
    Standing up (recommended) Sitting up in bed/walking
  • Automatic ON/ OFF function
    Turns off automatically during assistance. Turns on when caregiver leaves the room.


Card-sized device : The direction of light beam sensor can be easily

Card-sized device

Example of use : a single device is sufficient for monitoring the patient`s.


Option(for the rental purpose only, additional cost required)


1) Double sensor : \+1,500/month (price before tax)

Single device allows simultaneous monitoring of two spots a bed and a restroom.


2)Spare sensor : \+3,000/number pf times(price before tax).

Service is available in emergency cases for a maximum consecutive days . Maximum rental period : 3 months.


3)Recording service : \+3,000/week maximum (price before tax).

Recorder synchronized with the ON/OFF switch of the Guard-I sensor records the video of the patient`s feet which can be checked at spot.



Service Area/Trial

Free 7 days trial throughout the country.


  • Can be used separately or with the nurse call system in nursing facilities and hospitals  throughout the country.
  • Free 7days trial in case of  both  rent and  purchase of the device.
  • For free 7 days trial please send us the signed letter of consent  and  the information regarding the shape of the terminal by FAX.
  • Double sensor device, spare  sensor  and recording service are not subjects of free trial.
  • Since device is using a magnet it can be easily attached and remover.


Monthly rental fee ¥2,900/3,500 (before tax free) 
Purchase price ¥69,500 (before tax)
Selling price Open ※2


※In case of rent ,the payment shall be made via account transfer and the initial registration fees shall be imposed . Both legal entities and individuals shall be required to conclude an agreement (the minimun length of agreement shall be month)

※Distributor can be rented for additional price of ¥3,500 (price before tax).

※In case of purchase, connecting cord and a distributor which might be required depending on the nurse call system can be purchased for ¥4,800 and ¥18,000 respectively (price before tax).